Of all of the accomplishments of mankind, flight is one of the greatest. Through aircraft man can soar high in the sky, higher than any of nature’s aviators – birds. Pilot ability and mechanical capability are at the heart of any aircraft, thus limiting its flight potential. since it is err to human, airplane accidents will be an ongoing issue that will need to be dealt with. When airplane accidents occur, property damage can be substantial, so liable parties need to be identified. The use of an investigation specialist is required in such cases to help determine accident causes. Insurance companies and attorneys hire them when trying to determine if accidents were human or machine driven. After all, while people do make mistakes, machinery is also prone to failure. A full mechanical analysis will be performed of the aircraft in search of points of failure. A comprehensive examination of the structure of the aircraft and operating parts will be performed. Pilot performance will also be examined to see if it was an alternative (or additional) cause of the accident. Human factors are a common cause of airplane accidents, so all possibilities will be examined. Such things can include human error, interaction with environment and evaluation of cockpit controls. The findings of the aircraft and pilot performance will be reported to all party to the investigation. The efforts of the aircraft accident investigator provide clarity to figure out who is financially responsible.

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