Do you possess a strong sense of civic responsibility and want to incorporate it into your daily life? Are you looking to live in an area that enjoys all of the seasons and embraces traditional values? If you answered yes to these questions you may want to consider relocating to Topeka, KS.

For a political career to succeed, you should ideally share the values that are held by area residents. Having a sense of traditional values will likely gain you support from area residents in Topeka. Topeka movers can help you relocate to the area so you can be near government offices should you win.

There are many other options for government work even if you do want to hold an elected office. As the state Capital, Topeka contains numerous state government offices that are constantly hiring. You could also look for jobs at the local government level and see if the city of Topeka is hiring. Almost 25% of people in Topeka have some form of government job, according to the Bureau of Labor. There are multiple web sites that you can use to find jobs that meet your specific requirements. You can start at Topeka’s official website ( or the Kansas state website (

There are also other ways to find employment in Topeka if you don’t want to work for the government. There are numerous opportunities for attorneys, for government related and civil-oriented law firms. Local banks, insurance and investment brokers are in constant need of finance-related professionals. In fact, over 10,000 area residents are gainfully employed in various professional career positions. As with any city of relative size, there are also healthcare jobs at doctors, dentists and hospitals. If you enjoy nurturing young minds you can also find work at local grade schools and universities. The second largest employers in the Topeka region are healthcare and education institutions.

You can also look for gainful employment in any of the various businesses that operate in the area. Goodyear Tire, Frito Lay and Payless Shoes are some of the largest companies in the Topeka area. Consumer utilities like AT&T, Cox Communications, and Westar Energy also employ many people.