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If a new opportunity arises for your Chicago area business, it may prompt you to consider moving your company’s operations to another part of the country. The relocation of company personnel is one of the major issues that need to be addressed. How are they getting moved? While not an issue for local business moves, employee relocation becomes important when the business is moving long-distance. Smaller businesses can often turn to standard moving and storage companies to handle the relocation needs of a small staff. You can find several moving service providers near you by conducting a simple Internet search. The relocation of a large staff of employees can be challenging, so you should consult with a corporate relocation expert first. Performing an Internet search (i.e. ‘Fort Lauderdale movers‘) will provide a list of local professionals. A corporate relocation professional will coordinate a relocation policy with the HR department of your company. Once a plan is devised, the corporate relocation company will organize and organize the actual moving of employees to their new homes. Many employee relocation firms also provide/coordinate destination services to help employees settle-in to their new community. Before you decide on one provider for your business, ask for case studies and references.