If you don’t feel that there are not enough tech career opportunities for you in Chicago, and you are looking to live in an area with a more small-town feel, consider relocating to the Eastern part of New York state. The Capital District is home to many large technical companies, but also contains many smaller towns that are ideal for a quieter lifestyle.

The Tech Valley is home to some well-known companies involved with micro-chip fabrication and solar equipment. Such companies include IBM – one of the most recognized brands in technology, and GlobalFoundries – provider of integrated circuits for many other tech giants. If you want to expand your tech education, SUNY Poly Colleges of Nanoscale Science and Engineering in Albany offers degree programs focused on nanotechnology.

Located well North of New York City, the Albany Capital District has many communities that are small and well-suited to raise a family. Even the largest city in the area, Albany, only has a population of about 100,000.

If the Albany area sounds like an ideal place for you to relocate from Chicago, you get in touch with one of the several Albany moving companies that specialize in relocation for the Capital District.