There is much planning needed for moving day, like getting boxes, finding help and packing. What, if for some reason, you are not ready to have all of your belongings brought to your new residence? A possible scenario would be a delayed real-estate closing for the home you are intending to buy. The home builder may be a bit behind in finishing the construction of your new home. Or perhaps you are in the military, and housing at the new base has yet to be arranged for your family. Short-term storage can be the solution to help you get through such inconvenient situations. If you are hiring a professional mover, you can usually get storage in one of their warehouses. Ask your moving provider how much it would cost to store your things on a short-term basis. To find a moving and storage professional near you, conduct a search on the Internet. If you are taking the do-it-yourself route, you can look at a self-storage facility near your home. You can typically choose from a variety of unit sizes, allowing you to only pay for storage needed. You can also find a portable storage provider if you don’t want the hassle of making a trip to self-storage. When you use a portable storage provider, you fill a container with your things, which they pick up & drop off.