From phrases like “Polar Vortex” to “Chiberia”, weather professionals have scientific, to not-so-scientific phrases for Chicago’s cold winters. For those of us who don’t care too much for a Winter Wonderland, there are other options to consider if relocation to a warmer climate is an option.

One of the things that Chicago residents enjoy is its culture. So, if you are looking to relocate to an area of the country with a unique culture, here are a few options:

Portland, Oregon
Portland is a city that has become known for its environmentally friendly policies. It has an exceptional public transportation system making it easy to get around. Portland is also home to many micro breweries and coffee shops for beverage enthusiasts. There are also several large companies based in the Portland area that offer good paying jobs. If Portland sounds like the place to be, you can contact Portland movers to inquire about the necessary moving expenses.

San Francisco, California
San Francisco has a lifestyle all its own. Physically there is no other city like it in the country. Surrounded by water, you don’t have to travel far for a waterfront view. Cable cars being pulled around hilly streets provides a very unique public transportation system. With its many neighborhoods, San Francisco offers culture options for most people. San Francisco is also near Silicon Valley, which offers all sorts of jobs for the technically inclined. If you are ready to call the Bay Area home, contact Bay Area movers to set the wheels in motion.

San Antonio, Texas
If you want some even warmer weather with you culture, you can consider San Antonio. San Antonio is home to many museums, and is home to multiple festivals throughout the year to celebrate and honor those involved with key historical events of the region. In terms of employment, San Antonio is near several military bases, and is home to several Fortune 500 companies. For nightlife, downtown San Antonio offers the Riverwalk, providing an outdoor venue for walking, restaurants and night clubs. If you could see your self in San Antonio, contact San Antonio movers to get the ball rolling.