Sooner or later every homeowner gets bit by the remodeling bug and wants to take steps to improve their domicile. Finding a remodeling contractor close to home is easy when you use the Internet as a research tool. Performing a search for remodeling phrases (i.e. ‘bathroom remodeling Indianapolis‘) will provide a list of local remodeling contractors. It is not recommended to choose any particular contractor until you get them to answer several questions. Company history questions can help you determine their overall level of remodeling experience (including: How many projects have you finished? How long have you been operating?) If you are looking for trendy designs, ask questions about their design capabilities: How many architects and designers do you have on staff? Can I see portfolios of their work? Don’t forget to inquire about project costs and financing: Do you have a fixed price contract? Do you have a financing partner, if so who? You will also want to ask them about their construction process to see if they are knowledgeable: Will there be ongoing project management? Will I receive a construction schedule and blueprints? You want to be sure a provider will stand behind the marketing promises they make: Do you have a time completion guarantee? How long is your construction warranty? Are you insured? A quality company should also be willing to provide independent ratings and customer referrals.