Although it’s one of the smallest of the states, New Hampshire is large in character and lifestyle. When it comes to electing U.S. leaders, the state makes an effort to have the first say in things. The first presidential primary is to be held in New Hampshire, according to its own state law. NH is not pro-big government however, despite their insistence on holding the first primary. Many of the residents hold the state motto “Live Free or Die” on their mind and close to their hearts. There is an initiative (Free State Project) to get people to move to NH for “Liberty in Our Lifetime”.

The Granite State has more to offer would be residents than just its stance on political matters. High median household income and lack of state income & sales tax are attractive financial benefits. NH also has several universities and colleges that can serve your urge to better yourself with education. Dartmouth College (Ivy League), Southern NH Univ. and Univ. of New Hampshire are notable examples.

Year-round outdoor enjoyment is another perk of living here if you like physical activities. During the winter you can ski /snowboard Mount Washington, the largest mountain on the East Coast. Warm weather and sun worshiping draw residents to Hampton Beach during the summer months. Water activities are also available in the numerous rivers and lakes throughout the state. If motor sports are your thing, you can look forward to the events hosted at the NH Motor Speedway.

Most of the population is located in Southern New Hampshire; your best bet for finding employment. Manchester and Nashua are the largest cities in the state, and Concord is home to the state capital. There are job opportunities abound in the Boston area, if you can handle a little bit of a commute. There are also many smaller communities throughout Southern New Hampshire that offer quiet living. If you would like to relocate to New Hampshire just do a quick web search – you will find many companies that can help.