Don’t Move from Chicago, Update Your Home Instead

Is your home starting to show signs of aging, prompting thoughts of moving to a different domicile? Do family members currently live near you and you want to remain relatively close to them? Would you prefer to remain in your current town, or at least in city that is pretty close by? You might want to rethink the notion of moving to a new home if you answered yes to these questions. Updating your existing home to make it more appealing may be a better choice for you in the long run.

Are large black streaks forming on your roof, or are you noticing large water spots on your ceiling? These are common indications that the roof of your home will likely need to be replaced very soon. Putting off a roof repair is not a wise thing to do, because a failing roof can cause much damage. It is advised that you find a roofing contractor to help make repairs to get it back into shape. Metal roofing is becoming a popular option, because it is more durable than standard asphalt shingles.

Do your heating bills rise sharply in the Winter and your electric bill surges during the Summer months? If you own a much older home, it could very well contain problematic aluminum or wood windows. The outside temperatures transfer easily through Aluminum, because it is a good conductor of energy. Although attractive and more energy efficient, wood windows are susceptible to rotting over the years. Vinyl replacement windows are a viable alternative, as long as you have them professionally installed.

If you want to make a visually impactful change to your home, consider upgrading the home siding. If you pick a new exterior color, the appearance of your home will be dramatically different than before. There are many color and style options, but you need to look at your budget to determine the best option. Vinyl siding is an affordable and low maintenance option, but wood and brick are nice if budget allows. An in-home consultation with a home siding contractor can greatly help with the decision making process.

Even though major home improvements are expensive, you don’t have to pay all costs up-front. Finance companies have relationships with many home improvement companies to help homeowners. With financing, payments can be made over a couple of years to ease the monthly financial burden. You can also consider smaller home updates if getting a home improvement loan is not an option. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint or making minor repairs can do for your home’s appearance.

Chicagoans Looking for State Govt Jobs can Move to Topeka

Do you possess a strong sense of civic responsibility and want to incorporate it into your daily life? Are you looking to live in an area that enjoys all of the seasons and embraces traditional values? If you answered yes to these questions you may want to consider relocating to Topeka, KS.

For a political career to succeed, you should ideally share the values that are held by area residents. Having a sense of traditional values will likely gain you support from area residents in Topeka. Topeka movers can help you relocate to the area so you can be near government offices should you win.

There are many other options for government work even if you do want to hold an elected office. As the state Capital, Topeka contains numerous state government offices that are constantly hiring. You could also look for jobs at the local government level and see if the city of Topeka is hiring. Almost 25% of people in Topeka have some form of government job, according to the Bureau of Labor. There are multiple web sites that you can use to find jobs that meet your specific requirements. You can start at Topeka’s official website ( or the Kansas state website (

There are also other ways to find employment in Topeka if you don’t want to work for the government. There are numerous opportunities for attorneys, for government related and civil-oriented law firms. Local banks, insurance and investment brokers are in constant need of finance-related professionals. In fact, over 10,000 area residents are gainfully employed in various professional career positions. As with any city of relative size, there are also healthcare jobs at doctors, dentists and hospitals. If you enjoy nurturing young minds you can also find work at local grade schools and universities. The second largest employers in the Topeka region are healthcare and education institutions.

You can also look for gainful employment in any of the various businesses that operate in the area. Goodyear Tire, Frito Lay and Payless Shoes are some of the largest companies in the Topeka area. Consumer utilities like AT&T, Cox Communications, and Westar Energy also employ many people.

Freedom Loving Chicagoans may want to Consider Moving to New Hampshire

Although it’s one of the smallest of the states, New Hampshire is large in character and lifestyle. When it comes to electing U.S. leaders, the state makes an effort to have the first say in things. The first presidential primary is to be held in New Hampshire, according to its own state law. NH is not pro-big government however, despite their insistence on holding the first primary. Many of the residents hold the state motto “Live Free or Die” on their mind and close to their hearts. There is an initiative (Free State Project) to get people to move to NH for “Liberty in Our Lifetime”.

The Granite State has more to offer would be residents than just its stance on political matters. High median household income and lack of state income & sales tax are attractive financial benefits. NH also has several universities and colleges that can serve your urge to better yourself with education. Dartmouth College (Ivy League), Southern NH Univ. and Univ. of New Hampshire are notable examples.

Year-round outdoor enjoyment is another perk of living here if you like physical activities. During the winter you can ski /snowboard Mount Washington, the largest mountain on the East Coast. Warm weather and sun worshiping draw residents to Hampton Beach during the summer months. Water activities are also available in the numerous rivers and lakes throughout the state. If motor sports are your thing, you can look forward to the events hosted at the NH Motor Speedway.

Most of the population is located in Southern New Hampshire; your best bet for finding employment. Manchester and Nashua are the largest cities in the state, and Concord is home to the state capital. There are job opportunities abound in the Boston area, if you can handle a little bit of a commute. There are also many smaller communities throughout Southern New Hampshire that offer quiet living. If you would like to relocate to New Hampshire just do a quick web search – you will find many companies that can help.

Staten Island offers the Career Opportunities of NYC with Chicago Suburb-Style Living

With eight+ million residents, New York City is easily the most populated city in the United States. In addition to the high population count, there are many employment options in the city. You can also count on a plethora of nighttime and weekend activities to keep your social calendar full. The Big Apple is ready to accept all those who wish to take their shot at a new life and career.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the benefits of New York City without the hassles of living downtown? Staten Island, a borough of New York City, can be the solution to meet your lifestyle needs. The Southernmost part of the state, Staten Island is located just of the borough of Manhattan. As far as a job commute is concerned, Staten Island is between 20 and 30 miles from Manhattan. Your commute is also not too far from Northern Jersey, home to many employment opportunities.

Air travel to and from New York City is also convenient with JFK Airport, about the same distance. Travel from Staten Island may not be frequently needed if you long for outdoor activities. There are thousands of acres of parkland in Staten Island that can be used by the general public. You can find activities year round, like swimming in the summer and ice skating during the winter.

Staten Island inhabitants identify areas of the borough as follows: South Shore, North Shore, East Shore, West Shore, Mid-Island. Dozens of local communities are contained within these regions, offering their own history and lifestyle. To live closer to the main attractions of Staten Island consider the more densely populated North Shore. If you prefer a little more space between you and your neighbors, consider the South and East Shores. Living in the Mid-Island section allows for you to be a short drive to the shore without living shore side.

If you are not a big fan of the community-style living of condos and apartments you’re in luck. Apartments and condo units take a back seat on the island to mostly single family houses. If you think that Staten Island offers an ideal living environment, you can hire Staten Island movers to get you on your way.

New York’s Tech Valley Offers Job Opportunities for Chicago Techies

If you don’t feel that there are not enough tech career opportunities for you in Chicago, and you are looking to live in an area with a more small-town feel, consider relocating to the Eastern part of New York state. The Capital District is home to many large technical companies, but also contains many smaller towns that are ideal for a quieter lifestyle.

The Tech Valley is home to some well-known companies involved with micro-chip fabrication and solar equipment. Such companies include IBM – one of the most recognized brands in technology, and GlobalFoundries – provider of integrated circuits for many other tech giants. If you want to expand your tech education, SUNY Poly Colleges of Nanoscale Science and Engineering in Albany offers degree programs focused on nanotechnology.

Located well North of New York City, the Albany Capital District has many communities that are small and well-suited to raise a family. Even the largest city in the area, Albany, only has a population of about 100,000.

If the Albany area sounds like an ideal place for you to relocate from Chicago, you get in touch with one of the several Albany moving companies that specialize in relocation for the Capital District.

Monmouth County Good Option for those Accustomed to Chicago Area Living

Do you like living near the beach while having access to the amenities of a big city? Chicago can offer both of these, as it sits on Lake Michigan with numerous beaches to offer its residents. However, if you crave living off the ocean, but still want access to the beach and big city (without living on top of them), you might want to consider Monmouth County, New Jersey as an option.

Monmouth County offers many pleasant areas that you can call home, including Middletown Township, Howell, Manalapan, Marlboro and Freehold. These communities are a short drive from popular beach destinations and hotspots in the Asbury Park, Long Branch, Sandy Hook and Sea Bright. During the warm weather months, you can get your fill of the beach and boardwalk life, while having the amenities and quality living in affluent communities year round.

If you like to visit a big city on occasion, but don’t want to deal with big city living, you can get this by living in Monmouth County. Downtown Manhattan is a 1-2 hour drive away – making it a perfect urban day trip or weekend getaway during the colder months.

So, if you must leave Chicago and want to give the East Coast a try, you can use one of the Monmouth County moving companies to help you on your journey. Don’t worry – you are always welcome back to Chicago if you change your mind later.

When it comes to Remodeling, Ask Questions First, Sign Later

Sooner or later every homeowner gets bit by the remodeling bug and wants to take steps to improve their domicile. Finding a remodeling contractor close to home is easy when you use the Internet as a research tool. Performing a search for remodeling phrases (i.e. ‘bathroom remodeling Indianapolis‘) will provide a list of local remodeling contractors. It is not recommended to choose any particular contractor until you get them to answer several questions. Company history questions can help you determine their overall level of remodeling experience (including: How many projects have you finished? How long have you been operating?) If you are looking for trendy designs, ask questions about their design capabilities: How many architects and designers do you have on staff? Can I see portfolios of their work? Don’t forget to inquire about project costs and financing: Do you have a fixed price contract? Do you have a financing partner, if so who? You will also want to ask them about their construction process to see if they are knowledgeable: Will there be ongoing project management? Will I receive a construction schedule and blueprints? You want to be sure a provider will stand behind the marketing promises they make: Do you have a time completion guarantee? How long is your construction warranty? Are you insured? A quality company should also be willing to provide independent ratings and customer referrals.

Leaving Chicago for another Country? Plan Accordingly

international moving

Whether for work or lifestyle reasons, moving overseas can be exciting, yet potentially stressful. With the excitement of relocation comes the challenge of moving all of your possessions to a new country. You will need to get your personal affairs in order before you belongings even leave your current home. In order to live in a new country, you will need to obtain a visa, work permit or similar documents. If you have children of school age, you will need to find an acceptable school system for them to attend. To navigate the requirements and options, it is best to consult with a professional international mover. Performing an Internet search will provide a listing of international moving providers. You will then need to think about what you want to take with you to your new home, and what you will leave behind. Narrow streets and higher gas prices overseas are reasons to sell your car and buy a car suited to local conditions. Special adapters may be required for your appliances to work overseas, so it may be better to leave them behind. It might be best to leave pets with family to avoid long quarantine requirements many countries have for animals. You should also not ship any perishable items, plants, chemicals or anything flammable for the lengthy shipping process. Shipping delays are another reason to take necessary items on your person when traveling, so you have access when needed. Filing change of address forms and getting required vaccinations are a couple of the many last-minute items that also need to be done. Yes, there are many things to consider with an international move – but your international mover can guide you as needed.

International Movers

Here are some movers that can help you with international moving needs:

Things you should know about your Chicago Cross Country Move

cross country moving

While asking friends and family can work for a local move, it becomes more practical to hire professionals for the long-distance moves. Finding a reputable moving company is important for long-distance moves, since they will be in control of your belongings for awhile. If possible, ask friends, relatives and co-workers for any recommendations they may have regarding moving companies they have used. If you can’t get any references for providers, you can find many companies to compare by doing an Internet search. If you choose a company that is affiliated with a well-known van line, you may feel somewhat at ease about the safety of your belongings. Many people are not aware however that more than one moving company could handle your things when using a van line to move. Moving a household across the country can take some time, which can prevent a moving company’s truck and staff from other moves. Instead a van line agent may serve as the ‘origin agent’, which typically means that pack up your things and put them into a truck. Once the truck is loaded, the van line will have its own drivers that perform the task of driving the loaded truck to its new destination. When the truck arrives at your new home, the van line can have a ‘destination agent’ unload your things.

Hire Specialists for Chicago Employee Relocations

moving couple

If a new opportunity arises for your Chicago area business, it may prompt you to consider moving your company’s operations to another part of the country. The relocation of company personnel is one of the major issues that need to be addressed. How are they getting moved? While not an issue for local business moves, employee relocation becomes important when the business is moving long-distance. Smaller businesses can often turn to standard moving and storage companies to handle the relocation needs of a small staff. You can find several moving service providers near you by conducting a simple Internet search. The relocation of a large staff of employees can be challenging, so you should consult with a corporate relocation expert first. Performing an Internet search (i.e. ‘Fort Lauderdale movers‘) will provide a list of local professionals. A corporate relocation professional will coordinate a relocation policy with the HR department of your company. Once a plan is devised, the corporate relocation company will organize and organize the actual moving of employees to their new homes. Many employee relocation firms also provide/coordinate destination services to help employees settle-in to their new community. Before you decide on one provider for your business, ask for case studies and references.

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